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Black Friday & Cyber Monday or, Yielding to the madness of crowds

Two books for the price of one!

Some years ago I read an article about a department store chain in the US (or maybe it was a grocery chain; it was a long time ago) that decided to buck the trend of having every-changing specials in favour of pricing all of their products slightly lower than did their competitors.

Seems pretty simple, and pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? What they hadn’t considered, of course, is that individual people don’t shop on “average”, we shop in the moment. And if Store A is selling, say, paper towels for half the price that Store B is, people will go a little out of their way for that bargain — and, while there, might pick up a few, slightly higher-priced, items at the same time. Long story short, the everyday lower price experiment was short-lived, and that store soon found itself back with the herd, running weekly specials.

What does all this have to do with The BumblePuppy Press? Well, against our best judgement, we too are getting in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Sigh. Click here to learn more!

Big news: The Sleep of Reason!

Detail of Goya's Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters etching

This is a post I’ve been itching to write for a couple of months now, but both good sense and a worry about jinxing things kept me quiet until the contract was signed on the proverbial dotted line.

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Holiday Specials!

Photo of promotional brochure

The Corona Virus has made this a tough year for us all, and the prospect of holiday shopping during a pandemic won’t make December any easier. But I can help! From now until December 24th, I am pleased to offer free delivery in central Ottawa of an autographed copy Black Grass for only $15.00, and Holiday Specials!

Introduction to “O! Ernie … What Have They Done to You?

Short story collections are a notoriously hard kind of book to sell. Short story collections by first-time authors are even more so. Nevertheless, I published Carl Dow‘s collection of stories, and the BumblePuppy Press’ first commercial book, The Old Man’s Last Sauna because I believed in 2013 – and still do! – that these stories were good ones Introduction to “O! Ernie … What Have They Done to You?

Like Sir Walter Scott, Louis L’Amour and … Penthouse Forum?!? Clearly, opinions vary!

Carl thinks Black Grass is a really good book - and he's right!

Setting the Black Grass promo train in motion (again) Of course it’s tempting to blame the worldwide pandemic for the lack of a real push on promoting Black Grass; cancelled book fairs and television appearances are a real thing. I can also point to my darling daughter, pictured with me above. Though there are currently Like Sir Walter Scott, Louis L’Amour and … Penthouse Forum?!? Clearly, opinions vary!