About Us

The BumblePuppy Press is a small house with big ambitions. Or at least, a small press that aims to publish good work and to keep it available over the long term.

With the release of ´╗┐The Old Man’s Last Sauna in print and ebook editions, and with a print-on-demand edition that will see the book available for purchase in both formats around the world soon to come, the BumblePuppy Press is a test-case for the conceit that (some) technological changes offer small operators a non-zero chance to compete against the corporate oligarchs whose grasp on the large-scale economy is nearly monopolistic.

Will word-of-mouth and the small-scale promotional activities we can afford see us through to a viable long-term survival – prosperity, even? Our launch party is one – our first – experiment to find out. If you’ll be in the Ottawa area this Sunday, please join us at Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub, 1205 Wellington Street West.