Small press, large ambition

The BumblePuppy Press aims to bring writers to readers – and readers to writers. We are not restricted by genre but by a respect for story-telling and for characters a reader can care about.

That’s our prejudice and our goal. Really, it’s as simple (and as complicated) as that.

The November 2013 publication of The Old Man’s Last Sauna marks the first step in what we intend to be an enduring midwifery, bringing books to life and seeing them into the arms of willing readers.

Our books will take advantage of the new technologies that allow (almost) anyone to own a “printing press” and to keep their books available over the long haul, for readers around the world.

We hope you will explore what we have to offer now and that you will return to taste the offerings to come. As time goes on, and our list grows, so too (we hope) will the BumblePuppy Press. There are many, many wonderful stories in this world. We hope you will be there to share in our discoveries.

The BumblePuppy Press is registered on Ontario, Canada. Which can be reached via:

Snail mail: BumblePuppy Press
Station E, P.O. Box 4814
Ottawa ON K1S 5H9

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